Year: 2019


Ideas for opening day of the restaurant

Restaurant’s opening day is an ideal information guide in any facility’s life. It is one of the truly effective ways to make yourself known in the media space, get the first visitors and turn them into their agents of influence. However, to use the full potential of the event, you need a clear plan of […]

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Waiter’s Basic Rules of a Restaurant

And today I want to describe the basic rules and advice, what and how to do in the waiter’s work to work for a long time in a good institution and get a decent reward for his work. Waiter’s basic rules All of the following rules I recommend to follow, you may have other rules, […]

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Fine Dining

How to set up a restaurant

As more and more Brazilians eat at least once a week, the restaurant industry continues to thrive. However, opening a restaurant requires a lot of work, but with good planning you can start a successful business. What is a Restaurant? Simply put, a restaurant is where you pay for food. That is why it is […]

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Fast Food

The trend for fast food restaurants

In recent years we have seen great changes in our society and food. We seek to have a healthier life and this is reflected in the “real food” movement, as well as in hundreds of “fit” food options that can now be found even in supermarkets. At the same time, we live at a much […]

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Business plan for a cafeteria

It is difficult to define the concept of a cafeteria, since this type of establishment between bars and restaurants can be more similar to the former (focusing its services on the sale of coffee and drinks) or more like the latter, with practical food services, almost within the fast food sector, and sometimes without table […]

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