How To Arrange Flowers Like a Pro

With the coming of the fascinating season of spring, we will be able to enjoy more color in our lives in the form of fresh flowers. And while anyone can put a few flowers in a vase, there is a bit more thought and technique in the art of successful flower arranging. Do you want to know how to make an original flower arrangement that will look professional and last as long as possible? It’s easier than you think, as long as you know the basic steps and a few tricks of the trade.

The following paragraphs describe the steps for creating an original floral arrangement the right way. After consulting them, your Easter centerpiece or the bouquet on the side table will look impeccable. Professional decorator and author of a book about flowers Charlotte Moss shares her secrets…

Decide on a Color Palette in Advance

You need to decide what color scheme you’re going for before you buy the flowers or pick them from your garden. Just like color matching your clothes, there is more than one approach to going about it. For example, you can make an original and eye-catching flower arrangement based on several shades of the same color. Another super attractive option is to opt for the marriage of complementary color duos such as yellow and purple, orange and blue, and green and red, among others. Triads whose elements complement each other are also very attractive when placed together in a bouquet or a wreath, which you can find if you click for more info here.

Of course, all flowers are pretty and you are unlikely to go wrong with a combination. Select seasonal ones without trying to match their shapes and sizes and keep an open mind when combining them. Trying to be too strict in your selection can actually prevent your creativity from reaching its full potential. So, let’s get fancy and get an original flower arrangement!

Cut and Prepare Flowers Like a Pro

Once you get home with your flowers, you’ll be tempted to start arranging them right away. However, there are a few important steps to prepare the flowers and make them last longer. First, remove excess leaves, damaged petals, and any other visible unwanted elements along the stem.

Then, cut a few inches off the ends of the stems, but do it diagonally. Finally, place them in a vase, a bucket of water, or another temporary container with some cut flower food.

Choosing the Right Container is Essential

When choosing the container for your arrangement, consider the type of flowers you are using. For example, tulips require the support of a deep, straight-sided vase, while long flowering branches that are heavier may require a weighted container. Planters and woven baskets also work well as containers, especially if you want to create an original country-chic floral arrangement. Of course, they don’t hold water and you have to put a plastic or glass container inside them.

Prepare your Vase as Florists do

Yes, beautiful flowers are essential to an original floral arrangement, but the preparation of your vase is just as important. Flower stems are normally delicate and they start to lose their shape without extra support.

To make sure they don’t wilt and stay upright, create a grid of tape around the neck of your container. Then, insert the stems into the holes in the grid and they will stay in place. Alternatively, you can purchase a kenzan if you like, but it is not a required item.

The Role of Greenery in an Original Flower Arrangement

To make an original and beautiful flower arrangement, it is best to start with greenery as a base. Eucalyptus, ivy, and fern leaves are currently very fashionable as a choice of greenery. You should shorten their stems as well before placing them in your vase.

For a springtime wedding celebration, do not wait to use purple lavender in all your plans as well as centerpieces. The solid fragrance and also terrific blossom will be a delight for everyone.


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