Waiter’s Basic Rules of a Restaurant

And today I want to describe the basic rules and advice, what and how to do in the waiter’s work to work for a long time in a good institution and get a decent reward for his work.

Waiter’s basic rules

All of the following rules I recommend to follow, you may have other rules, I do not object.

Always keep an eye on your appearance, be careful and tidy.

The waiter is always associated with purity, neatness, slenderness and beauty. On the pictures and covers of training manuals for waiters and bartenders are always beautiful smoothly shaved, cut, with a neat hairstyle, slim, beautiful, perfectly ironed uniform cute young people or girls.

In real life, it is not always so far away, but, you should look perfect, despite their appearance.

For this you need:

  • Keep your uniform clean and tidy, in which you have to work.

The shirt must be perfectly clean and smoothed. The pants should be clean, ironed, spotless and not shiny at the back, the necessary length, the bottom carefully built up along the length.

  • The shoes should be comfortable

But suitable for work in the institution, polished with cream, should not have flaws (not torn, smooth shoelaces, no tears, dirty spots).

Shoes like “sabo” with a buckle at the back are ideal for this, the front is strict and closed, and at the back is partially open, but this part of the back hides the pants. This allows the legs not to get so tired and protects them from overheating. I was told about one rather experienced waiter, who laced his work shoes with wire in order to make the guests feel sorry :). I would never advise anyone to do such a thing, but sometimes there are unique personalities among waiters.

Often, some waiters earn a lot and spend a lot of money on nonsense, but they never have enough money to buy shoes and good pants for work. Think about it, please.

Waiter’s appearance, face and hairstyle are always in the first place for guests.

Watch your appearance, regularly visit the hairdresser, shave, keep nails and hand skin clean, take a shower before work, use antiperspirant. Look in the mirror at yourself while working, believe in the purity of the work form, face, hair. If you have a snack during work, take care of clean teeth and restore pleasant breath.

Sobriety at work is the norm

Learn to work without using additional “doping” from the first days. Work in a restaurant is quite specific, you are surrounded by alcoholic beverages, quite often of high quality, plus all sorts of tastings of new drinks.

Let’s say frankly, if you want, you can always find alcohol for “cheering up”. Some places control the staff’s sobriety, while others do not. The sooner you realize that at work you need to earn money, not drink, the better.

Honesty with colleagues and guests

This is how movies and various novels used to present the image of a waiter as a obliging sly man. In fact, everything is quite different.

I had to work all the time at various events and in different institutions with a lot of waiters and I can say that they are mostly responsive, cheerful and hardworking people. Since in many places waiters collect tips “for the dorm”, the question of honesty is quite important.

Plus, it is necessary to be honest with the guests, who after the noisy holidays often forget wallets, valuable things, jewelry, and they must be returned to the owner, regardless of the amount of tip left, it is important.

Not everything you hear in the service should be publicized.

Not very ordinary people go to restaurants, especially expensive ones, not quite ordinary people go, you should agree. Among them there are many businessmen, politicians, influential people, criminals and have various conversations, especially after taking hot drinks.

So, some fragments of such conversations should be simply forgotten and not sobered up at every corner or on the phone.

Just the waiters are trusted by many people, as it is partially done by a psychologist or other doctor, and this must be understood. There is a concept of “professional ethics”, so the waiter has the ability to keep silent or forget “unnecessary” information.

On this occasion, there is a good proverb: “You know less, you sleep harder!

It’s only in the plots that an eavesdropping conversation can help solve a conspiracy or save the world; in fact, “long language” will bring nothing to its owner except problems.

Hospitality, smiles, desire to help
I repeat myself quite often, but this is one of the most important points in the waiter’s work.

You have to learn to help guests, to create comfort, to help in small things, to meet them friendly, to serve them well, sometimes to make jokes or to support a conversation. All this should be done in a complex, only then it will give results, guests will be satisfied, will thank you and will return to you again.

Sometimes one small touch can cross out all your efforts or on the contrary leave a good impression. After all, sometimes offers to help carry out gifts or flowers after the banquet, reduce the power of the air conditioner or turn down the volume of music, during a lighter or pour before another toast can play a key role.


Mutual understanding with colleagues and respect of team members
The staff of the restaurant is a small anthill, where everything is visible. Do not forget that there are people in the team older than you or those who earn an order of magnitude less than you, despite this, you must treat them with respect, respect their work.

It is necessary to maintain good relations with fellow waiters, because you work shoulder to shoulder and one in the field is not a warrior, in this work it is important to have mutual support and understanding from half a word.

A good atmosphere in the team always positively affects the quality of work and how the guests of the restaurant will enjoy the service and visit your place.


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