Office air conditioners

Choosing an option among the different air conditioners on the market is never easy. When it comes to finding air conditioning equipment for offices, the choice must be based on different criteria.

Today we will explain to you which are the most convenient options for offices and which factors you should take into account before buying air conditioning units for this kind of space.

Air conditioning equipment for offices

With the arrival of the hottest months, there is concern about cooling the places where we spend the most time. When it comes to our work spaces, such as offices, it is important to identify which are the best options in air conditioning equipment and also what you should consider to make your decision.

Options in office air conditioners

Before we tell you what types of office air conditioners you can buy, we want to talk about the two ways air conditioning solutions can work.

Autonomous cooling vs. centralized cooling

Stand-alone cooling systems are usually installed in small homes and small offices. They are the most widely used air conditioning units and are used in most homes. They cool only the room in which they are installed. The main advantage of these units is that they allow significant energy savings if they are used properly, since they air-condition only that room in which they have been installed.

Among the self-contained cooling air conditioners we find air curtains, wall air conditioners, window air conditioners and portable air conditioners.

On the other hand, centralized cooling systems are characterized by their ability to cool large spaces. It can be a large surface housing or a building with offices. What is special about them is that they air-condition several square meters with just one device. This type of air conditioning requires a false ceiling for installation, since all the ducts that cool the different rooms are placed there.

In contrast to autonomous refrigeration equipment, these represent a higher installation cost, however, the distribution of the refrigeration can be more uniform, since it is controlled centrally and, on the other hand, they are more discreet, which contributes to maintaining a much more sober and appliance-free aesthetic.

Self-contained cooling air conditioners

As we said before, among the self-contained cooling air conditioners are: air curtains, wall air conditioners, window air conditioners and portable air conditioners.

Air curtains

Air curtains are an alternative that is often used in commercial and office spaces. They are characterized by being placed above the access doors to this type of space. Their function is to generate an invisible barrier to separate two different environments efficiently, without limiting people’s access. Basically, they help prevent an air-conditioned space from being affected by outside air flows through an open door.

Wall air conditioning

A wall air conditioner is one that, as its name suggests, is installed on a wall. In this sense, we can identify two different types: the split type air conditioning and the all-in-one known as window air conditioning.

Portable air conditioning

The last option that we want to propose you as air conditioners for offices is the portable air conditioner. We only recommend its use in small spaces where it is not possible to carry out any type of installation work.

The effectiveness of the portable air conditioning lies in two issues: it does not require installation and can be moved to other spaces. Therefore, it is a practical alternative in specific cases, such as those we have mentioned. However, we must say that it is not the most used option in offices.

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